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If you regularly work with Excel, doing Management level reports and Data Analysis and want to learn the full Excel Business Intelligence Suite then this four-day course is for you.

£900 to £1390

LEEDS - 14 to 17 Nov 2017 MANCHESTER - 21 to 24 Nov 2017 LONDON - 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2017
PivotTables are an easy and convenient way to build intelligent, flexible summary tables, as well as AMAZING dashboards, allowing you to quickly derive insight from your data, with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

£550 to £650

LONDON - 5 to 6 Dec 2017
On this two-day workshop you will learn to use the cloud based BI services as well as the desktop based interface, allowing you to get answers quickly, with rich dashboards across many platforms.

£550 to £650

LONDON - 7 to 8 Dec 2017
*Prices vary depending on booking date. 
I have been in the IT industry since 1979, so I am not new to learning new technology along the way to keep up with it all. Ian Littlejohn's course that I completed is one of the best that have helped impress my colleagues and management at my workplace. Ian's precise and very engaging way of teaching has made my work effortless and an very effective. I use less time now to go through my weekly and monthly data analysis and presentation a breeze. Thanks again Ian.
Course is amazing! Almost everything I needed to learn is found in one place in this course. This course has definitely given me the expected level of confidence to implement this tool at my workplace. Glad I found this course!

My first intro to PowerBI. Straight forward overview. Get to see the awesome capabilities of this software. A+
This is an awesome course. Very impressed. Succinct but yet all the information you need to start working effectively with PowerBi immediately.

I'm interested to implement this software to my job and I started this course with zero knowledge of Power BI. It helped me to understand it's functionality. In addition, it showed me other aspects that I need to learn in order to specialize in this tool.

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