Excel BI Boot Camp

Excel Business Intelligence Boot Camp

Course Content

Day 1: PivotTables
Working with PivotTables
Understanding trends by year, quarter, month, week and weekday
Create Top and Bottom 10 analysis; 
Easily calculate percentage contributions, running totals and difference from calculations; 
Create Sparklines to visualise trends; 
Learn to use buckets and groupings for frequency analysis;
Learn to use slicers to create interactive dashboards; 

Day 2: PowerPivot
Analyse more than 1 million rows of data;
Load data into PowerPivot; 
Filter data with Slicers; 
Easily create Relationships between tables of data; 
Create easy to use Dashboard view from PowerPivot; 
Learn the principles of the DAX formula language to create powerful new calculations; 
Create powerful new DAX measures in PivotTables; 
Create dashboards with PowerPivot data.

Day 3: Power Query & Power BI
Introduction to Power Query; 
Benefits of Power Query; 
Loading data into Power Query (Microsoft Access Tables, CSV Files, Online Data Sources, Modifying Tables); 
Merging Data; 
Appending Data; 
Unpivoting Data; 
Using the Group function; 
Creating Custom Calculations.
Introduction to Power BI
Power BI Interface
Power BI Desktop (Overview and Interface, Accessing Data, Power BI Workspaces, Formatting Data in Power BI Desktop)
Creating Reports in Power BI (Creating a Table, Formatting a Table, Sorting Tables, Creating Multiples Measures)
Different Methods of Aggregation
Tables and Cards (Creating a Matrix Table, Creating a Multi Row Card, Creating a Card)
Filtering Data (Slicers, Filters, Visual Filters, Page Filters & Report Filters)
Visualisations (Column Graphs, Stacked Bar Graphs, Cross Filtering between Column & Bar graphs, Filtering & Highlighting)
Graph Options
Trend Analysis - Time Intelligence

Day 4: Power BI
Additional Graph Types (Combination Graph, Pie & Donut Graphs, Treemap Graph, Geographical Analysis, ScatterPlots & BubblePlots)
Creating an Interactive Dashboard (Publishing the Dashboard, Pinning Visuals to a Dashboard, Q&A Feature, Inviting other users, Accessing a shared Dashboard, Power BI on mobile)
Enhancing Power BI - DAX Formulas (DAX formula language, Simple calculations in DAX, Creating time intelligence functions, Creating a date table)
DAX Measures
Relationships (Employee Master Challenge, Creating Custom Visualisations, Using the Related Function)
Enhancing Your Power BI Data (Aggregating Data into new Tables, Working with Queries and Applied Steps)


Four days


Good understanding of Excel and the principals of operating Excel, preferably working with data on a regular basis, with knowledge of compiling reports.
Your own laptop with Excel 2013 / 2016 with Power Pivot, Power Query and Microsoft Power BI Desktop.


Standard price £1390 per person
Discounts available for advanced purchase

Onsite / In-House training also available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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