Excel Interactive Dashboards & Data Analysis

Excel Interactive Dashboards & Data Analysis

Course Content

Introduction to Dashboards and Data Analysis
Introduction to Dashboards, Data Analysis and Reports with Excel;
Using Pivot Tables to summarize and aggregate data;
Creating Interactive reports with Slicers;
Using Key Metrics and Key Performance Indicators;
Creating an Interactive Sales Dashboard.

Trend Analysis
Creating time dimensions;
Creating trend reports;
Creating trend graphs and trend lines;
Interactive trend dashboard.

Comparison Analysis
Column and Bar Charts;
Types of Column and Bar Graphs (Clustered, Stacked Column, 100% Column).

Ranking Analysis
Filtering Data and Asking Questions of your Data;
Top 10 / Bottom 10 Analysis.

Contribution Analysis
Calculating Percentages in reports;
Creating Pie Graphs and Displaying percentage contributions.

Frequency Analysis
Frequency Analysis;
Grouping and Buckets;
Histogram and Charts.

Create an Interactive Human Resource Dashboard
Review the Case Study;
Create a mock-up of a Human Resource Dashboard;
Create and present the Human Resource Dashboard.

Variance Analysis and Year to Date Calculations
Difference from Calculations and Percentages;
Calculating the Difference from the Previous Month;
Calculating the Percentage of – Benchmark Calculations;
Calculating Year to Date.

Conditional Formatting and Visual Analysis
Sparklines and Trends;
Highlighting data according to rules;
Top 10 / Bottom 10 Highlighting of data;
Data Bars and Color Scales Visualisations;
Visualisation of Icons;
Creating a Financial Dashboard.


Two days


Fair understanding of Excel and the principals of operating Excel, preferably working with data on a regular basis, with basic knowledge of compiling reports.
Your own laptop with Excel 2013 or 2016


Standard price £650 per person
Discounts available for advanced purchase

Onsite / In-House training also available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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