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Over the past 2 years, I have been reading articles online, watching Youtube videos, and signing up for courses on Udemy and Coursera in effort to learn Data Analysis skills. Despite the amount of time/effort, I was left disappointed by all the material mentioned above and failed to noticeably enhance my skills.

Just when I was about to give up, I found a Power Pivot course by Ian and was so impressed with Ian's ability to communicate technical information effectively. All other instructors I had found were either good technically but poor in communication or poor technically and good in communication. Ian provided the best of both world's and I'm very thankful for the impact Ian's courses have had on my career. After taking 9 of Ian's courses on Udemy, I am now able to analyse millions of rows of data at work in less than 30 seconds and provide a summary table & chart for visualization purposes to management and clients.
Matthew Bouraee
Energy Management and Operations Consultant at Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd
I’d been trying to get started on Power Pivot for over a year, and have used resources from other Power Pivot identities. The attempts had been limited in success until I purchased Ian's course. 

I was so impressed I went an purchased all the courses he had available at the time, including the ordinary pivot table courses. The style and pace suits me well and I have been equally as impressed with next course I started. 

I can’t speak highly enough of the resources and look forward to have them all completed, perhaps even start all over again.
Andrew Huxham
Business Analyst at Cassowary Coast Regional Council
It's amazing how useful the power functions of Excel are and I think this course does an EXCELlent (pun intended) job of teaching the skills in an intuitive fashion. As a data guy who is confident on the analysis, but not so much on the visualization end, this has helped develop the other piece of the puzzle. I work with massive databases on a daily basis and the fact that I can connect to the databases, have my dashboard already built, and only have to hit REFRESH to make sure the data is up to date, this course has allowed me to add a MASSIVE degree of value to my clients in a fraction of the time. Great job on the course!
Lance Schneider
Very knowledgeable Instructor, who provides step by step instructions on how to accomplish a task. The Instructor gets you familiar with the power pivot ribbon, explaining the purpose of each item on the ribbon. You are methodically taken through the steps of structuring your tables, creating relationships, adding new columns and calculated fields, creating the pivot tables to display the information you want and finally how to create KPIs. Very well laid out course that moves along at a good pace. I learned more in this course, than I did from a book that I bought for more than twice the cost.
Rupert Bennett
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